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Monday, June 15, 2009

The CPM never surrendered

I still remained deeply suspicious of the intentions of Chin Peng and the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) despite the signing of the Haadyai peace agreement in December 1989.

The CPM never surrendered. What they signed was a peace agreement, - was a truce. In fact, I suspected that the CPM could even have been the victors of the whole operation. The CPM was merely temporarily suspending its armed struggle but through infiltration and subversion with the help of communist surrogates, would create a 'new revolutionary situation' which would be expedited and aggravated by any future economic recession in the country.

It is a brilliant example of the classic communist tactic of taking one step backward to go two steps forward. The communists should never be under-estimated. They will never give up easily. History is likely to repeat itself unless timely and positive actions are taken to prevent any recurrence. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.

The people of our country are facing the danger of allowing themselves to be lulled into an unrealistic sense of complacency which the communists and their surrogates are making every effort to foster and disseminate. It is, therefore, imperative that we should heighten our vigilance to detect and smash all communist plots in order to safeguard the welfare and well-being of our people and to ensure security, peace and stability in our country on the basis of social justice and the democratic principles.

We cannot afford to be complacent. These people may become active again and try to revive their struggle.

Even, the Barisan Nasional (BN) established political links with the Communist Party of China (CPC), we still ban the CPM, which had relations with the CPC at one time, as we had a very bitter experience in the pre-and post-independence period due to communist activities in the country.

The establishment of political and diplomatic relations do not mean that the communist ideology, which forms the basis of China's administration, is acceptable to Malaysia.

In the revolution the communists used two fronts, the militant and the Communist United Front (CUF). In the CUF the communists subverted the minds of Malayans of all walks of life. In some countries communist supporters were classified as beetroots, water melons and sweet potatoes. The beetroot is red inside out. The melonis green outside but red inside. The red sweet potato is all white inside. All three types need water to grow and can be eaten.

That why, we need 'repressive laws' to remain for another generation. We must remember that the CPM has only given up militant struggle. It has not declared that it had abandoned its political aim of taking over power in Malaysia. CUF activities can be revived under the guise of human rights and democracy. No Communist Party in the world would simply vanish into thin air.
I hope young intellectual Malaysians will not allow themselves to be subverted by the "human rights" movement against their own country. As citizens it is our duty to fight against the misuse of all laws. God has created all countries differently. We cannot copy or imitate the system of another country.
I am sure the parents of young Malaysians will agree that the"repressive laws" not only had saved but also built the nation. I call on all Malaysians to note the current trend of political opposition in many parts of the world whereby terrorism is used. We have experienced more than enough terrorism.

If we do not monitor their movements or adopt a lackadaisical attitude towards their activities, they may take advantage of the situation to disrupt peace. Again, the CPM had agreed to disarm but not to disband. Thus the party organisation remains intact and so also is its ability to conduct subversive underground and United Front activities in which Chin Peng was involved.

Threats to Malaysia stem mainly from two sources: external and internal. They are not mutually exclusive, for what are internal and external threats cannot be clearly decoupled. This is so because the world has become increasingly complex. If anything, the world has become borderless, and instant communications now made it even more so.

We cannot stop a typhoon but we can arm ourselves with umbrellas before it rains. If we claim to have learnt lessons of the past, we must be one step ahead of our enemy.

Any constructive criticism and comment that would contribute to fair, frank and informed discussion on this posting to help achieve our national objective will be most appreciated. We need to have more open exchange of ideas on this sensitive but important subject in the context of the national vision and security.

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